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The Multi Level GR3030 booth features a second level which is ideal for a small conference room and lounge for entertaining clients. This multi-level trade show booth design features a second level meeting or lounge space for clients. Our most popular design in Anaheim, second most in Las Vegas! The first level is spacious and inviting with many options available for configuring your booth to your specific needs and customer interactions. Three huge billboard signs and a wrap-around header assures that your image and name is visible even around other multi level booths.

Multi Level Booth with Lounge Area

Multi level booths such as the GR offer a level of prestige and privacy on the busy trade show floor. A multi level booth layout like this allows you to double your useable floor space while offering storage, privacy and profession looks to your next trade show.

Basic Version

Turnkey Rental: $42,650 | Purchase: $94,180

13 x 26 second level w/ meeting furniture
1 Perimeter truss structure
1 Straight stairway
1 Reception counter
1 Credenza
3 Rail mount sign frames w/ lights
Ceiling with 20 telescopic lights
4 Open shelving sections
1 Lounge area downstairs

(Truss covers not included)

Enhanced Version as shown

Turnkey Rental: $48,250 | Purchse: $114,023

2 30” diameter bistro table – $290 / each
4 Curve back pack stools – $169 / each
1 6’ long counter w/ graphics – $1,948 / each
2 Leather lounge chairs – $650 / each estimated
1 Sectional sofas – $2,700 / each estimated
5’ Side table w/ shelf – $1,310 / each
12 Curve back pack chairs – $149 / each

(Truss covers not included)

Accessories available but not shown

26″ or 42″ LCD monitor $300 for 26″, $750 for 42″
LCD or plasma mount $150 each
Additional counters $450 each
Counter height stools $75 each
Literature shelves $10 each
Laptop shelves $30 each
Additional clamp-on lights $15 each
Tables and chairs $450

(Truss covers not included)

Customer Downloads

Upstairs Floor Plan

Downstairs Floor Plan

Graphic Options

Graphic Package A - (Basic) – $5,140
Graphic Package B - (Basic + custom color columns) – $9,940
Graphic Package C - (Pkg. B + printed walls) – $13,780

(Truss covers not included)

Options and Accessories

If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.

More info about the GR3030

This two level exhibit booth design has an amazing 13′ x 27′ upper deck. Imagine the possibilities for meeting areas or the ultimate in providing luxurious comfort in lounge seating. Either way, your clients will appreciate the exclusive feeling such an expansive space provides.

With almost 30′ of frontage, this two story multi level booth design is both impressive and functional. You can also customize the second level with another level of signage above the upper deck to create a three-tier look or add a full length ceiling that spans the 27′ length in uninterruped elegance with supports positioned only at the ends. The 14ft. mural walls shown can be increased to the maximum allowable trade show approved height of 20′ at most venues. Larger than life visibility as shown or customized to your wishes.

Our most popular design for Trade Shows in Anaheim and Las Vegas

Whether in Anaheim or any other city, this kind of custom design provides excellent visibility at eye level with it’s unique header design covering an impressive span across the front of your booth space. Angled mural walls welcome visitors into your own two story exhibit space and provide a wealth of mural size signage. The extended width deck creates spacious lounge and work space areas. Fourteen foot high mural signs at the ends create intersting larger than life billboards.All of our multi level booths are Engineering Certified and approved for use in all major American venues including the Anaheim, Sands, Las Vegas and other Convention Centers across the nation.