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Renting your trade show exhibit does more than reduce costs.

Renting a trade show exhibit often makes more sense than owning one, especially if you have one show yearly. • The initial investment and storage savings make sense for most companies.

Not being tied to an expensive design when you need a fresh look feels excellent.

 The freedom to innovate with a new look more often feels even better.

The variety of fixed-cost designs we provide helps companies decrease their marketing and advertising budgets. The result? An increased presence in the market through targeted trade shows. With management and staff often focused on other key objectives, we reduce the cost of managing an expensive and time-consuming trade show marketing outreach campaign and let them focus on what they do best.

Innovative companies are finding new
 ways to provide products and services
to create growth.

…and in some cases, maintain an existing revenue base in an increasingly cost-competitive marketplace. Turnkey Tradeshow Display Rentals pools the resources of a large knowledgeable logistics staff and network of affiliates across the country.

We do more than Trade Show Display Rentals!

As a division of Image Design and Communications, Inc., we are oriented toward the big picture. That means effectively communicating your message on the show floor. Our designers will assist with graphics and design so that your exhibit perfectly suits your needs. We're here to help you save money and look great simultaneously!

Turnkey Trade Show Exhibit Rentals - Show Services Coordination

We are a division of Image Design and Communications, Inc. and we bring over 30 years of trade show industry experience to our clients. We ensure that they receive true professional service. We do more than rent trade show booth displays. We partner with you to exceed your expectations. Our reputation extends well beyond Los Angeles! Many of our clients are located across the country.  We’re here to help whether you are looking for an exhibit for trade shows in the Los Angeles area or anywhere across the country!

We're here to help you with exceptional service for trade shows in Las Vegas and venues nationwide. Learn more about our exhibits and services in Las Vegas and other venues!

Exhibit rentals in other cities

We are headquartered in Las Vegas and all published pricing is for venues in that city. We also serve venues in cities across the country with an added Out of Venue Fee. The amount we bill partially offsets the additional expenses we incur in sending supervision staff to personally oversee your exhibit set up and tear down. Please view the Out of Venue Fee schedule here.