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We have the skills and resources to provide Turnkey Service for your trade show marketing needs for booth spaces of all sizes. In our case, when you outsource with us, it's practical, efficient and cost effective. Cruise through our offerings to see what options we offer might appeal to you!

Full Service solutions, Customization and fixed cost, Published pricing

At Turnkey Trade Show Exhibit Rentals, we always publish itemized Fixed Cost pricing that includes transportation and labor. We think that's the best, most straight forward way of doing business. Our 30+ years of trade show exhibit experience allows us to provide an unmatched understanding of your vision for success on the trade show floor.

All published costs include transportation, set up and dismantle!


Inline 10'

Slatwall, shelving options, Full size murals or interchangeable graphic panels, general benefit messages.


Inline 20'

Browse our available selection of Trade Show Exhibit Rentals in 10ft by 20ft category.


Island Exhibits

Open space invites people in.



Our Double Deck Exhibits are available in a range of sizes and styles.

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Turnkey Trade Show Display Rentals deals with shipping the booth to and from the venue (drayage not included). No hunting around for the best shipping rates.


No need to worry about how much to budget for set it up. Your low fixed costs are known immediately.


Storing a large, bulky trade show exhibit can be a hassle and paying to have it stored can be costly.


You arrive on the show floor confident your display booth is ready.


By renting a trade how exhibit, you can adjust the size and configuration of your display for every show.


Trade shows can be confusing and frustrating. Our knowledgeable staff has been in the trade show industry for many years and can help you with most questions and situations.

Previous Clients

We've been in business since 1999. In that time, we've worked with hundreds of companies to help maximize their marketing at trade shows across the country. Here's a small sample of some of the exceptional companies we've worked with over the last 18 years.

Check out our Case Studies below!

Case Studies

Innovation Line has been a supplier in the Advertising Specialty/Promotional Products industry for more than 30 years.  They offer a unique, diverse and well priced product line where "Low Prices, High Standards" are paramount.   Their customer service and sales groups are informed and empowered to make decisions on the spot and act quickly to customer needs in order to give the best service possible. The PPAI Show, largest in their industry, is the perfect place to put that power to work and so the decision was made to invest in a larger booth space.

2017 New Exhibit Design Requirements :

  • Increased booth space from 10 x 20 to 20 x 20 for the 2017 PPAI show.
  • Display many promotional products in an organized fashion,
  • Keeping the design open and inviting to maximize floor space and product display.
  • Seating areas to create a more comfortable feeling.
  • Counters, writing surfaces and display shelves needed to be positioned in such a way to create more floor space.
  • How to best use vertical space for graphics
  • Decide whether to purchase vs. rent.

We had listened to what Innovation Line’s issues were and produced several CAD drawings and quotes in a collaborative process that enabled everyone to develop the most.   It was a process of elimination and keeping what we needed through the rounds of renderings and re designs.    Through it all, the team at Innovation Line was communicative about changes until the design met their team’s expectations.

Image Design came up with an exhibit layout that provided a great deal of shelving along one side of the exhibit and towers at the other two corners that took advantage of otherwise unusable space. This also left the center portion of the booth space open for casual meeting space along with counters to write orders. As a result Innovative Line increased their booth size to 20x30 for the 2018 PPAI show.

Innovation Line’s booth location on the show floor was also a factor in the final design. The wall on one side had product shelving facing in and a seamless mural graphic facing the rest of the show floor.

Image Design’s Turnkey Rental Program ended up being the right solution for Innovation Line. Their busy staff did not have time to Manage Show Services, shipping, storage, labor as well as place the number of products they showed in the exhibit. Given those factors, purchasing an exhibit for a once a year show was not practical. In the end, the ability to have a reasonably priced exhibit rental at a fixed cost. After their initial investment in graphics, a good deal of them were stored by Image Design for the following year.

The convenience of walking onto the show floor with everything set up and ready to receive Innovation Line’s products paid off! Once set up, sales staff began the show refreshed and ready to greet customers new and old.

Solution:  This was a collaborative effort between both companies.   Innovation Line streamlined product offering to given space within the exhibit and Image designed a 20 x 20 space which utilized a 10 x 20 back wall for display, along with two towers directly on the other side for a cohesive look.  Storage would be counters under back wall with two counters in center.


  • Keeping the design open and inviting to maximize floor space and product display.
  • The use of shelving strategically placed within the exhibit was planned out and worked well especially larger items and where lighting was the brightest.
  • The seating areas were bistro tables with high back chairs to create a more comfortable feeling.
  • Roomy counters served as both display area and much needed storage
  • Towers were at a 90 degree angle in the front in order to allow it to double for storage or display while the back of the tower was squared with no graphics to close off the exhibit.
  • Graphics were large format high-resolution images of the Innovation Line awards facing the aisle and logo graphics on each end of the exhibit.
  • Image design worked with Innovation Line on their show forms to make sure they were completed and filed on time for the early bird show discounts.
  • In 2018, Image Line expanded to 20 x 30 and made minor alterations to the exhibit such as moving the furniture around to accommodate a larger  20 x 30 space.
  • Rebranding the graphics was easy and seamless
  • We already have notes on the 2019 show that builds on the success.


Client Feedback:

Thank you so much! Our booth this year again was a complete success…we will most definitely go with this again in 2019.




The cost benefits of

Custom Double Deck Rentals in Las Vegas

There are many factors that determine the final ROI

We start with the design process, establish the perfect look and functionality you need. Generally, at that point, you’ll know exactly what your total cost will be. There are no surprises!

We bill transportation, set up and dismantle labor on one pre-show invoice. However, we assist in a number of ways during the production process. During the design process, we anticipate electrical requirements based on everything in your booth space. Some clients have specialized equipment or pre-existing exhibit properties that are to be combined in the same booth space. Read more about the total cost of savings for Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas and other venues.

Multi-level Double Deck Exhibit Rental Options!

Whether you're renting or buying, our experienced staff works closely with you to create a custom branded trade show exhibit that is functional, attractive and designed to entice potential clients to check out your services. We are a relationship-oriented company interested in partnering with you to provide the optimal solutions for your trade show marketing needs.  You'll enjoy working with us!

trade show display rentals amd sales

Renting your next Trade Show Exhibit makes Dollars and Sense!

Trade Show Exhibit Gallery

Custom Rental Specialists in Las Vegas!

Also serving Los Angeles and Anaheim Venues for a minimal out of venue fee.

Maintaining a consistent message is one of the most important factors in a successful trade show marketing program.

Letting us handle the work of managing your trade show marketing program. We'll take care of the details and let your own staff focus on their core responsibilities. That makes good management sense. It also lets your booth staff feel refreshed and motivated at the show. We take care of the time-consuming complexity of managing transportation and graphics production for you. You avoid the hassle of storing the trade show display yourself… or paying someone else for storage.  Letting us coordinate Trade Show exhibit and display program makes dollars and sense!

Smart Outsourcing 

We provide excellent service and support which is why our clients continue to work with us over time. That loyalty makes a big difference on both sides. The business connection is personal and professional. We care and want to maintain your trade show display business for the long term. We're committed to providing reliable great service that assures you that all the details are handled. This is a very different scenario than using different show labor staff at each city. Once we develop a relationship, we find out what your specific needs are for each booth space size regarding electric, flat screens, graphics, storage, etc. That’s true turnkey service. Please visit our Image Design Exhibit Rentals division to view a wide range of display designs. We offer 10′ x 10′, 10’x 20′ and larger island booth displays from 20′ x 20′. Options and accessories include flat screens from 24″ to 42″ or 55″. We have a full range of slat wall brackets and accessories, shelving, various size counters with storage and more. Custom graphics options include photographic quality logo graphics and high resolution supersize printed fabric graphics. We provide the experience and flexibility you need to take advantage of your trade show marketing program in Las Vegas and venues nationwide.

The benefits of using the rental option for your trade show program 

  • Our factory direct turnkey installation service is available in Anaheim, Las Vegas, and Sands Convention Centers, San Francisco’s Moscone Center and all Bay Area Convention Centers. Rental costs in other cities add between 15% and 30% due to additional shipping and supervision costs.
  • We can handle short lead times on exhibit and display rentals and trade show graphics. We’ll work with you to develop a design that suits your needs perfectly.
  • We provide better, faster, more personal service at a lower cost when you work with us. Why rent a generic type display from the trade show that looks like a rental?
  • Use your imagination! For example, on overhead spans, sometimes the open look truss exhibit design works best. Sometimes graphic panels that cover those same long spans create an even more impressive, longer surface for your tagline and branding statements. Exceptional quality and high visibility make a big difference on the trade show floor. This is especially important in the competitive Las Vegas Trade Show environment.
  • Many options for logo signs and graphics; high-resolution fabric graphics, photo murals and backlit logo graphics that stand out on the trade show floor.
  • Our Turn-Key Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Fix your costs on Shipping, Set Up and Tear Down Labor. The amount we invoice for is the amount you pay, no surprise add ons.