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Save money, time and hassle by renting your next Trade Show Display.

Turnkey Rental: $90,000 | Purchase: $250,000

This double deck exhibit is designed from the start with power and grandeur in mind. This design stretches the limits of how many private and semi-private rooms you can squeeze into a 50 x 30 space and still maintain a massive amount of floor space for your products. The upper deck is raised to 10′ to offer the highest lower level ceiling you’ll find on the tradeshow floor. Upstairs, three or four rooms with an expansive lounge reached by 2 grand staircases are sure to impress.

Ample Storage and Vast Floor Space

With ample storage and vast open floor space below, you can configure this booth to meet any number of marketing and display needs. With two semi-private areas available, screen your clients before making the big step upstairs to seal the deal or showcase exclusive products on the trade show floor.

Basic Version

Turnkey Rental: $90,000 | Purchase: $250,000

Structural truss system
Wall frames and doors
Deck boards
Lights, ceilings
1/4” frosted plex rail and wall infills
Unprinted sintra infills and wall panels
2 Straight Stairways with landing
Ceiling with Telescopic Lights

(Truss covers not included)

Enhanced Version as shown

Turnkey Rental: $110,000 | Purchase: $270,000

Items added are valued at over $20,000:
6 Leather Lounge Chairs $650 each
2 Sectional Sofas $ 2,700 each
4 Curve back stools - $169 each
24 Curve back chairs - $125 each
2 36" Low tables $325 ea
2 30" Bistro tables $290
2 6’ Long conference tables $1,948 each
1 Curved or straight bar
2 Locking storage counters upstairs

(Truss covers not included)

Accessories available but not shown

Column mount workstations - $380 / each
Rectangle designer counters w/ shelf and graphics - $1,145 / each
4-shelf lit racks - $280 / each
Laptop shelves - $220 / each
Column mount swivel LCD mounts - $175
Column mount fixed LCD mounts - $150
6’ straight sign w/ graphic and 2 lights - $1,474
LCD mount - $350 / each
Coffee table - $1,008 / each
9’ long coffee bar w/ graphics - $3,306 / each
5’ side table w/ shelf - $1,310 / each

(Truss covers not included)

Graphic Options

Graphics Package A | Upper signage: $5000
Graphics Package B | Lower signage: $4000
Graphics Package C | Upper and Lower Signage: $9000
All packages include infill columns in 12 standard color

(Truss covers not included)

Floor Plans

First Level

Second Level


This variation of the VL5030 Double Deck Tradeshow Booth replaces the frosted plex upper wall panels with a more industrial/architectural looking solid wall panels which are actually on standoffs from the structure giving it a new level of depth and refinement.

Options and Accessories

If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.

More Info about The VL5030

Two semi-private areas available, screen your clients before making the big step upstairs to seal the deal or showcase exclusive products.

Our double deck exhibits are designed to meet not just your marketing needs but also the needs and requirements for tradeshows in all major US venues. We are dedicated to making your tradeshow experience thew best it can be. With an exhibit this expansive, we will help you get the most out of your space and your marketing dollar.